Define Term Life Insurance

October 27, 2011 Term Life Insurance
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he time when people think about buying life insurance is usually when they are in the process of a life changing event. This can include getting married, having a baby or buying a house. Life insurance is very important to ensure our sense of security. Buying it is truly a expression of love for your family. We can define term life insurance as a simple type of life insurance policy that provides protection for a period of time. It was started to provide protection on a limited budget. It is usually the least expensive type of life insurance because if you are alive when the term ends there is no payout. If you should die, your beneficiary receives the face amount of the policy. It can be purchased in large amounts for a relatively small initial premium.

How does term life insurance work? It provides coverage at a fixed … Read More....

Discount Term Life Insurance

October 27, 2011 Term Life Insurance
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hile not many people like to think about it, life insurance can be one of the most important things you invest in. No one wants to leave financial burdens behind to their loved ones once they pass away. If you’ve thought about life insurance policies, term life insurance might be just the thing for you. Term life insurance is perfect for those who are living on a budget, and still thinking ahead to the future if something were to happen to them.

The premium is sufficiently lower than other types of life insurance and covers you for a specific amount of time. It usually covers a time period of five, ten or twenty years, depending upon which type of policy you buy. Here are a few insurance companies that offer term life insurance.

1. Discount Term Life Insurance: New York Life

New York Life is a very reputable … Read More....

Business General Liability Insurance

October 27, 2011 Business Owners Policy
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usiness general liability insurance, also known as a business owner’s policy or a BOP, is a comprehensive policy that protects a company from costly damages in the event that a client is injured on company property or if an owner or employee injures someone or damages property at a client’s locality. In sum, it protects the company’s assets if a suit is filed against it claiming a loss such as injury or damage, even if the claim is fraudulent.

The policy generally covers legal and medical fees, the replacement or repair of damaged physical property, property losses due to theft, and the recouping of monies lost from business disruptions due to catastrophes such as fire. It also covers suits such as libel, slander, disparagement, and copyright infringement. This type of policy will pay for covered incidents up to a predetermined amount specified in the policy at the time of … Read More....

Event Insurance

October 27, 2011 Special Events
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rganizing an event in itself is a hectic, tedious and painstaking experience. And if, God forbid, some calamity was to befall during the event, the event organizers would be doomed for life. To protect themselves from such calamities, most event sponsors and organizers get event insurance. All kinds of events, big or small are covered by the insurance companies under a single event insurance scheme. These events include weddings, corporate functions, song and dance performances and any other such mini or mega events. Wedding event insurance has actually been recently introduced by major insurance players and is fast becoming an important part of event management. Insurances are provided against cancellation, rescheduling or any mishaps occurring while arranging the event or during the actual event.
If the costs and time involved for conducting the event are significant, take event insurance accordingly to save yourself from financial losses. Policies are issued … Read More....

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