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October 27, 2011 General Liability
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e are all most likely very familiar with a very old, wise saying that no one in life can escapes taxes and death. In today’s world, we need to add a third element and that is that no one can escape insurance. For many, insurance seems to be a negative requirement that one must put up with but, in reality, insurance is a means to provide protection, either to an individual or to a business. The importance of having insurance really comes to light when an incident occurs that requires a great deal of money to be spent in order to take care of repairing the damage caused by a particular incident. When this expense is weighed against the premium cost of an insurance policy, we are suddenly very grateful for our coverage and realize that the premium is more than well worth it.

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Liability Insurance For Small Business

October 27, 2011 General Liability
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here are at least three forms of liability insurance for small business a business owner should consider maintaining for his or her small business. The need for liability insurance has increased greatly over the last 30 years with the skyrocketing number of lawsuits levied against companies of all sizes for everything from personal injury to libel and slander. One type of liability insurance that is most common is General Liability Insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage for your assets and your business from such claims as personal injury, libel and slander. This type of insurance is generally included in a larger package of liability coverage.

Another type of liability insurance to consider using to protect your small business is Professional Liability Insurance.This form of insurance is very common among the individual professions and takes many forms, such as Malpractice Insurance for doctors and Errors and Omissions Insurance … Read More....

Auto Liability Insurance

October 27, 2011 Auto Insurance
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very driver will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. According to CBS News, it is extremely likely that one fender-bender will cost an individual as much as a thousand dollars for repairs on most newer vehicles. With rising costs for vehicle repairs, premiums and deductibles are costing individuals more out of their pockets. Auto liability insurance offers the minimum protection of an individual’s finances in the event of a car accident and is required in most states in the U.S. This type of insurance is actually composed of two policies, one policy that covers bodily injuries done to others and the other policy that covers property damage if one is determined to be at fault of an automobile accident. Not having liability insurance in a state where it’s required can lead to substantial fines, license suspension or revocation, as well as prison time.… Read More....

Builders Risk Insurance

October 27, 2011 Business Property
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uilders risk insurance is a type of property insurance that insures against damage done to buildings during construction. This may also include vandalism, fire, lightning and wind. Both residential and commercial sites of construction may be covered under a builders risk insurance policy. This type of policy is for new construction, renovations and remodeling projects. During the process of a building’s construction, there are many threatening hazards that can compromise completion of the project as well as put the material used onsite or in transit at risk. So, this requires coverage to also cover any costs that may occur from unexpected loss. The building owner is the one who buys the risk insurance and may add the contractor as a name insured.

This builders risk insurance coverage not only makes a lot of sense financially, but there are many lenders who will not allow financing unless this coverage is … Read More....

Commercial Liability Insurance

October 27, 2011 General Liability
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n this economy, financial management is often done with a scalpel. One item that often gets cut is commercial liability insurance. Before slashing this expense, though, it’s best to know what it actually buys. Liability insurance gives businesses a way to manage the risk that something you do or make harms someone who made, bought, used, or expected to benefit from it. Liability insurance can cover some or all of the loss is you are sued. Paying a monthly insurance premium buys the right to transfer the impact to the insurance company. Without insurance, damages awarded in some cases could mean financial ruin. You could lose all your financial assets, your home and a successful future in a chosen profession. The impact of these losses is, of course, dependent upon the type and amount of interest held in the company.

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