University Health Insurance – How to Attend One

January 31, 2012 Health Insurance
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ttending an undergraduate university is something that is becoming more and more common with many teenagers and young adults in today’s world. There are so many different costs that are associated with a person attending college, such as living expenses, a room, textbooks and other school supplies and tuition. In addition, many students need to worry about how they are going to be able to afford the health insurance quotes they get and if they can get some sort of coverage that falls within the typically low budgetary allotment.

Many schools will offer a health insurance that is just for the students of that school. This can be something that is a great deal for students attending a university that needs some kind of standard level of health insurance coverage, because this will still offer that coverage, but most likely at the lowest rate that a person is going … Read More....

Term vs Whole Life Insurance – Explained For Beginners

January 23, 2012 Life Insurance
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nsurance is an important part of modern life. It can mean the difference between financial disaster and picking oneself up after a would-be catastrophe and moving on. In the old days, a flood, fire or break-in could ruin a business owner. Years of accumulating tools, merchandise and a building could be destroyed in minutes in a fire. Without insurance, those years would have been irretrievably lost. With insufficient time to make that business back, the owner would have to move on to something else or be faced with poverty.

Today, insurance means that a disaster, while traumatic, does not have to be catastrophic. If covered properly, a policy holder will pay a deductible, but the insurance company will pay to replace or repair whatever was lost. The deductible might be very high (such as $30 million in the case of big ticket items such as a cruise ship), but … Read More....

Senior Life Insurance Policy – 3 Things You Need To Know

January 9, 2012 Life Insurance
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ack a few years ago while working as life insurance agent I would often times talk to seniors about their life insurance needs and in most cases they believed that because of their medical condition combined with their age that they wouldn’t have any chance at all of getting a policy. In fact, most times I informed them that they could get a policy as long as they set it up the right way. So in this article I’m going to share three things seniors can do to get a life insurance policy.

The Type Of Policy

The first thing a senior needs to consider is the type of policy they want to get, and today their are so many different types to choose from. You have term, whole life, universal life, and variable life. However the best type for seniors to get is the no medical exam term Read More....

What Is Life Insurance? Information For Beginners

January 6, 2012 Life Insurance
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ife can be a pretty unpredictable event. Things can happen that are totally out of our control. For that very reason, most people purchase life insurance. Life insurance is meant to protect the ones you love against an event that is life threatening.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is designed to protect your family if you die. The money from the policy will be paid out to whomever you decide the beneficiary of the policy is. The beneficiary is the person you list to collect the money after you die.

How is Life Insurance Paid Out?

The death benefit (what the life insurance policy is worth. For example, it could be $1 million) of the policy can be paid out in many different ways. It can be paid out in one lump sum to the beneficiary, or it can be paid in yearly or monthly installments. Most owners … Read More....

Liability Insurance Quotes

October 28, 2011 Insurance Quotes
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hen it comes to your money, you naturally want to save as much of it as you can. One way to save money is to reduce what you’re paying for liability insurance. Imagine what you can do with some extra money in your bank account. We can help you make it happen. The first thing you need to consider how much of a deductible you can pay in the event of a claim. Since insurance is designed to protect you against catastrophic events, it is best to select a deductible that is high. Having a high deductible results in lower monthly premiums. This strategy saves you an average of 40% every month. Of course, when you have a high deductible, you want to make sure you have enough in the bank to cover yourself.

The ideal situation is to put the amount of the deductible into the bank in … Read More....

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