How To Insure A Teenage Driver?

by Admin on January 31, 2013

If you’re a parent, you understand that insuring your teenage driver can be very difficult. Insurance companies approach teenage drivers differently than adult drivers because teenagers are widely known to be risky drivers. Note that not all teenagers are risky drivers, but enough of them are for insurance companies to modify their policies if a teenage driver is included in the plan. If you are a teenager looking to find auto insurance, or you are a parent wanting to include your teenager on your family plan, here are a few ideas for steps you can take to make sure you get your insurance needs met.

Step 1: Add to your Family Plan

The first thing to know about insuring teenage drivers is that they can be added to your family plan. However, teenage drivers can usually only be added to their family’s car insurance plan if they’re still living at home.

Step 2: Comparing Rates and Quotes

After you added your teenager to your car insurance plan it is time to shop around and see what insurance companies have the best rates. It is important to know that adding a teenager onto your family plan is going to increase the rate of your insurance, no matter how responsible or good of a driver your teenager is.

When you’re shopping around looking for the best rates, ask for quotes from each insurance company. They will ask you about your teenager’s driving record, what kind of car they’ll be driving, and what they’ll be using the car for.

Step 3: Choose a Vehicle

The next thing you can do when insuring your teenage driver is to provide them with a safe, low-cost, maneuverable vehicle that will not cause them any extra problems. Insurance companies take into account the make and model of the vehicle the teenager is driving.

If your teenager is driving a sports car or an equally as unpractical car, this can make your insurance premiums go up significantly. Be smart and get your child a simple, practical car. Another thing that’s very important is to talk to your child about safe and responsible driving. As much as you may not want to admit it, sometimes driver’s education classes in school do not do an adequate job at educating teenagers about how to be a safe driver.

Good to Know

It is important to know that certain teenagers can be eligible for a discount from insurance companies. If your child is on the honor roll at school, or gets particularly good grades, insurance companies look very highly upon that.

If a student gets good grades, than they are more likely to be responsible in other areas of their life as well. Many times students who take extra driver’s education or traffic school classes can be eligible to receive a discount as well.

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