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Event Insurance

by Admin on October 27, 2011


rganizing an event in itself is a hectic, tedious and painstaking experience. And if, God forbid, some calamity was to befall during the event, the event organizers would be doomed for life. To protect themselves from such calamities, most event sponsors and organizers get event insurance. All kinds of events, big or small are covered by the insurance companies under a single event insurance scheme. These events include weddings, corporate functions, song and dance performances and any other such mini or mega events. Wedding event insurance has actually been recently introduced by major insurance players and is fast becoming an important part of event management. Insurances are provided against cancellation, rescheduling or any mishaps occurring while arranging the event or during the actual event.
If the costs and time involved for conducting the event are significant, take event insurance accordingly to save yourself from financial losses. Policies are issued that cover various factors including serious injury or death of the key person who organize the event. This coverage can be extended to the family members involved or taken as a group insurance scheme for the lives of the entire group. Some insurance policies are designed such that food or entertainment services, where applicable, are also insured against non-delivery or last minute replacements. With this kind of policy, you can be assured of not having an empty pocket in case of emergencies.

Event Insurance Policies must be chosen Carefully

Event insurance policies must be chosen with great care, just like one would choose a life insurance for near and dear ones or even regular car insurance. Read through the policy and understand what it covers. Try to read between the lines, certain policies cover only certain parts or certain days of the event. Also compare the prices or the premiums payable on each individual policy. The complete event schedule must be considered before signing the document. Get tailored policies by adding or removing aspects that are most important to you. Here you can lower the premium, depending on what aspects are covered by the insurance and you can also be sure that nothing has been left out.
There are many insurance providers in the market now and it is quite a good idea to get quotes from as many providers as possible. That way you will also know which provider specializes in what coverage and have it included in your tailored event insurance. It isn’t really a wise man’s choice to opt for cheap event insurance just to save a few bucks on the insurance premium. What poses a bigger problem is the lawsuit culture that our society currently follows. Even when minor accidents that were otherwise considered “normal” occurs; it is taken as a golden opportunity for suing. When this happens the event organizer is not only left emotionally drained but also financially bankrupt.

Choose the right Event Insurance

Having your event insured means absolute piece of mind. With event insurance you can be sure that while your event’s success will be great news, an event gone wrong will not burn a hole in your pocket or your life. But it is the right event insurance coverage that will make all the difference. Event insurances are applicable for small events like birthday parties with a guest list of 150 – 200 people but there is also a special events insurance for public meeting or public exhibition where thousands would be expected.

The types of insurance available for events are quite varied. Though it is advisable to check this out in detail with your insurance agent, knowing a few of them would be helpful.

  • Event insurances include insurance for a business stand
  • Event cancellation insurance or disruption insurance
  • Event insurance liability
  • Liability insurance for the business
  • Insurance against venue problems
  • Coverage of adverse weather or strikes or terrorism
  • Insurance against non appearance of a speaker or entertainer
  • Equipment loss or damage coverage
  • Travel insurance
  • Coverage for travel disruption
  • Insurance for quality loss during incentive programs
  • Crisis management insurance
  • Airline failure insurance
  • Coverage of reduced attendance or critical mass loss
  • Sporting event insurance
  • Private event insurance
  • One day event insurance
  • And several forms of special event insurance like special event liability insurance.

As the importance of event insurance increases, many providers are opting for quick and easy online documentation so that no time is wasted in visiting and discussing the insurance details. If your event involves any kind of fireworks, you can also have a Fireworks Display Insurance. We hope you benefit from all these event insurance tips for beginners.

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