Do I Need Flood Insurance?

by Admin on November 5, 2012

Who would ever think water could do so much damage? The threat is real, and it’s called a flood. A flood is when an excess of water invades two or more acres of dry land. A flood hits your property, your neighbors, a fellow residence, renters or a business. The sad part is there is nothing anyone can do about it. Preparation can only do so much when a ton of water is hurling toward your house. The aftermath will become tragic; it’s so severe that many people will be left homeless because their home is beyond repair. This brings a financial strain for homeowners. The best line of defense against this is to get flood insurance.

Flood insurance is a must for high-risk flood areas. That means there is a greater chance of a flood coming into that area than surrounding ones. Flood insurance has its advantages. Flood insurance is the foundation to rebuild your life. The compensation you get from this is enough to start over. After all replacing and repairing home and personal belongings are very expensive. Everything from the floor to the walls and everything inside it is ruined. Flood insurance covers both small water damage problems and large damages. It may be expensive, but it will save you a lot in the long run.

Relying on home insurance or federal disaster aid is nothing like having flood insurance. Both are cheaper options than adding one more bill like flood insurance but there are strings attached. Most home insurances don’t cover floods; since many people get it thinking it will it will be too late when they figure out the truth. With federal disaster aid the only way that will be given out is if the President declares a flood disaster. You are taking a 50/50 gamble that the President will declare the damaged area a flood disaster. On top of that this aid is treated like a loan–pay the full amount back with interest. Having flood insurance comes with better odds and no strings attached.

Homeowners already have their lives flipped upside-down thanks to the flood. Flood insurance is a way to get you back on your feet. They give you money based on what’s lost in the flood. They will compensate homeowners and businesses for the structure and personal belongings. Renters will get their fair share of compensation in personal belongings. These flood victims can take this money to recoup some of their losses with Bosch tools. In addition do the following:

  • Find the belongings you can salvage and protect it from further damage
  • Stop the flow of water by turning off the main water supply. Contact a plumber to fix plumbing problems.
  • Dry out the home by removing water from the home. Use fans to dry the floors. Move dry furniture to dry rooms.
  • Scrub the walls, closets, floors, shelves, contents and any other flooded parts with water, disinfectant and a sponge/brush/cloth. Use a fan to dry. Carpets pads should be removed, cleaned thoroughly and dried.

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