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Discount Term Life Insurance

by Admin on October 27, 2011


hile not many people like to think about it, life insurance can be one of the most important things you invest in. No one wants to leave financial burdens behind to their loved ones once they pass away. If you’ve thought about life insurance policies, term life insurance might be just the thing for you. Term life insurance is perfect for those who are living on a budget, and still thinking ahead to the future if something were to happen to them.

The premium is sufficiently lower than other types of life insurance and covers you for a specific amount of time. It usually covers a time period of five, ten or twenty years, depending upon which type of policy you buy. Here are a few insurance companies that offer term life insurance.

1. Discount Term Life Insurance: New York Life

New York Life is a very reputable life insurance company that has developed a very steady, reputable name with its clients. You can get a free consultation with one of their agents, and get a quote on how much your term life insurance would cost with them. They will help you determine which policy is better suited for you, your family, and your needs. To request information, you can visit their website.

2. Discount Term Life Insurance: State Farm

State farm is a very well known insurance company, with most people knowing them for their saying “Like a good night, State Farm is there”. State Farm insurance has several different discount term life insurance policies for their customers, with very small premiums to assist people in staying within their budget. State Farm understands that most people are now having to adhere to a strict budget, and their agents work hard to help you save every penny.

State Farm insurance offers term life insurance policies for five, ten, twenty and even thirty years. State Farm insurance company offers their clients the chance to renew their policies or continue them at a higher premium. Most states allow them to up to age 95, depending upon what the policy states.

There are many pro’s about purchasing term life insurance with State Farm. They offer their premium insurance coverage and excellent customer service for a very low price, as mentioned above, they allow for renewal of the policy, and lastly State Farm allows in most of the states the client to convert their policy to a permanent one, if the policy holder so chooses to. This is usually available up to the age of 75. There are special exceptions in your policy which differ from client to client.

There are some factors to consider when deciding to choose term life insurance, and State Farm insurance can help you determine if it’s right for you. State Farm also offers special discounts to some of their clients. To see what you qualify for, you can contact an agent for State Farm, by visiting their website and using their easy agent locator, to help you find the agent nearest you. Most State Farm agents are also offering their special 24 Hour Good Neighbor service.

3. Discount Term Life Insurance: Prudential Insurance Company

Prudential insurance company, also offers discount term life insurance. Prudential is a large, growing company, that understands people shouldn’t have to give up quality just for a lower cost. Not only do they provide cheap term life insurance for people of all ages and budgets, but they also provide excellent customer service.

Prudential offers a special budget-friendly term life insurance policy called Term Essential. This is the most basic, simple term life insurance policy, that is very affordable, and perfect for one’s first life insurance policy. Their next option is called Term Elite. This is a step above the Term Essential, that allows you to turn your policy into a permanent one if you choose to, and in return you receive a special credit that goes towards the first years premium of your new policy.

Prudential’s next term life insurance policy choice is called Prulife Return of Premium Term. This term life insurance policy offers the same basic coverage as regular term life insurance, but it also provides a return of your policy premiums if you’re alive at that end of the term. There are special exceptions for this, and to find out if you qualify, you can contact one of their agents by visiting their website.

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