I was introduced to home insurance for the first time when I bought my first home in 2008. Before my home purchase, I had no idea what was covered with a standard home insurance policy. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about home insurance and what is and isn’t covered. Most home insurance companies today offer six standard sections of coverage. Knowing these coverage amounts will allow you to maximize the benefits you receive from having home insurance.

Coverage 1: Dwelling

The first coverage offered is dwelling insurance. This is typically what people think of when they buy home insurance. The dwelling portion of your insurance covers the physical structure of your home; the walls, floors, ceilings, etc. This coverage protects your home from damage to the actual structure.

Coverage 2: Other Structures

It is common for homes to have other structures on the property that are not connected … Read More....

Short Term Vs. Long Term Health Insurance Plans

February 25, 2013 Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance is a temporary solution for individuals who may need a several month interval of coverage before a long term plan begins. Temporary coverage is only available for up to 6, sometimes 11 months, and such plans cannot be renewed. They are designed for people who are switching from one job to another and waiting for their new employer-sponsored insurance to begin, or those who have applied for an individual plan and want immediate coverage until they receive approval.

Additionally, buying a short-term plan means you are limited in your healthcare options compared to an annual plan. Generally, short-term plans include emergency and hospital care, lab work and X-rays, office visits, and prescriptions. Most will not cover preventive care, as they are simply providing a few basics to last a few months. As they are a momentary patch in your coverage year, you can cancel a short-term plan … Read More....

How To Insure A Teenage Driver?

January 31, 2013 Auto Insurance

If you’re a parent, you understand that insuring your teenage driver can be very difficult. Insurance companies approach teenage drivers differently than adult drivers because teenagers are widely known to be risky drivers. Note that not all teenagers are risky drivers, but enough of them are for insurance companies to modify their policies if a teenage driver is included in the plan. If you are a teenager looking to find auto insurance, or you are a parent wanting to include your teenager on your family plan, here are a few ideas for steps you can take to make sure you get your insurance needs met.

Step 1: Add to your Family Plan

The first thing to know about insuring teenage drivers is that they can be added to your family plan. However, teenage drivers can usually only be added to their family’s car insurance plan if they’re still living at … Read More....

Some Information To Help Educate About Dental Insurance For Individuals

January 31, 2013 Dental Insurance

Not having insurance can be very stressful. However, many people are uninsured and are needing to find individual insurance plans. This can be for a variety of reasons. For instance, some people are working for a company that does not offer dental insurance or for some reason they do not qualify for insurance based on their position or their hours. Other people get health insurance, but their plan does not include dental plans. Or it could be that you are unemployed or self employed and so you have to look for plans that have dental insurance for individuals. Whatever the reason that you are uninsured, there is hope. There are many great plans that have dental insurance for individuals that you can get. The key is knowing how to get them and to know what you want.

Review Different Companies

First of all you, the key to getting great plans … Read More....

Tips On Getting Individual Health Insurance Coverage

November 27, 2012 Health Insurance

Most people prefer to get health care coverage from their employers. For people in the low incomes bracket, the bulk of health coverage comes from the government. However, more and more people are thinking about enhancing their coverage using individual health policies, despite the need to pay additional premiums. Here are a few tips on how to choose individual health insurance for you.

Identify the most important areas that need coverage. The good thing about individual health insurance is that you can tailor your policy to fit your health needs. This allows you to provide coverage for certain medical needs such as maternity coverage, cardiac disease screening tests if you have a history of heart disease in the family, or coverage for preventive services. Determine important areas that need coverage and choose a policy that offers this type of coverage or one that allows modifications to fit your needs.

Choose Read More....

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